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A full line of flexible controls to create the ultimate backyard environment – automatically.

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Goldline Controls has been awarded numerous product and design patents in recognition of the company’s progressive and revolutionary products.



Aqua Logic

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Aqua Logic

AQUA PLUS by Goldline

Goldline Controls offers a scalable, flexible line of Total Pool Management controls to suit any backyard environment. Take the work out of owning a pool and spa by automating all essential pool and spa functions, water chemistry, salt chlorination, LED light shows and other backyard features like sprinklers and outdoor lighting. You can even monitor and control your backyard environment anywhere – from the Internet, any wireless device using your home’s Wi-Fi network or from your home automation system. Whether you currently have basic pool functions or an extensive backyard paradise, the Pro Logic™ series offers the right level of control for your environment – control that can be easily added to as your needs and environment change.


Serenity understands the technology available from Hayward and will choose the best application for your pool and budget.


It’s amazing what a little salt can do. Forget about mixing, measuring or messing around with harsh liquid or tablet chlorine. Say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin and heavy chemical odors. Now there is an easier, safer and more economical way to satisfy 100% of your pool and spa’s sanitation needs. For water that is clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Turbo Cells® are now available in three sizes – 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The new sizes enable you to right-size your pool for the most-efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.


Aqua Connect now gives you the freedom to monitor and control your pool, spa and backyard functions from

anywhere – from the Internet, any wireless device using your home’s Wi-Fi network or from your home

automation system. Want to turn up the spa heater before you head home from work; adjust cleaning, filtration

or lighting schedules while you’re on vacation or check your water’s pH and sanitization levels from your PDA or cell phone – you can do it all and more with Aqua Connect.